Tournament Balanced Hackmons Redefined Money Tournament ($140) - Won by cityscapes

I think It's as good moment as any to remind you of this 2 comments from the main thread, to stablish how stuff will be played on the next round, so you can all build teams properly

OK so as it turns out embody aspect doesn't work on anything that isn't terastallized ogerpon, so this'll be shadowbanned anyway as it's only usable on something inaccessible due to tera ban.

also chill with the one liners that add nothing to the conversation
The last part is because I forgot you cannot post meaningless answers in this forum. Back to the point, this means that both Hearthflame (Who got banned before the discovery) and Teal (A potentially broken hability) are not usable. Technically still hackable, but you don't want a worse ball fetch on any pokémon so the effects are not advised. In short, DO NOT USE embody aspect, it doesn't work.

ok this ban hopefully won't be invalidated by game mechanics lol
Tail Glow is banned from BH!
////////////////Tea GuzzleraugustakiraTTTechChessking345
Tail GlowBanBanBanAbstain
This move is just... egregiously broken. I made a post earlier about some of the calcs that this allows for, but the complete inability to wall basically all SimpleGlow users without complete immunity, as well as the fact that anything with a half-decent Special Attack stat and STAB typing can run it, create situations where it's basically impossible to stop something from boosting and just claiming KO after KO unless you specifically load into the one you're also running (so you'll by default have an Imposter-proof for it). This is in addition to the standard BH stuff in that everything is notably bulky thanks to full EVs, and the majority of Tail Glow users are also on the faster end, meaning you can't just use something like a Choice Bander to pick them off. Other bulkier options like Arceus-Ghost can also pack defensive abilities that make boost prevention even harder.

Tagging Kris to implement.
In case anyone wanted to use setup sweeps with Tail Glow, I think you just have to confort with Nasty Plot or the newly added Take Hearth because Tail Glow was too good at its job. At least we still have Take hearth, Toxic chain, Doom Desire, Clangling scales and Fairy Feather as new toys to play with; I'll definitely be using most of those tools.
Calling act, opp did not show up at designated time and I waited for over an hour and sent multiple messages on their profile
Afaik, that opponent was my round 1 match. Let me see if I can talk with him.
PS: Nope, he was not online. Definitely active but not when it should. Weird, he was able to battle me no problem 2 weeks ago even though I messed up the timing due to time schedule changes.
Activity Wins:
BrainDamageHaver  vs  Sylvi
Akashi  vs  Caionamax
LTG  vs  1729is56time
Tanny89k  vs  Poliwag_PM
Dragonillis  vs  cramorantics


halaman95  vs  The_cursed_noble
Sanjay das  vs  31DEATH03
RegigigasSkyForm  vs  Concept Everything

Extensions until Wednesday, September 20th, 11:59 PM GMT -4:
lemonstre1  vs  Codename C.A.T
Turtlek  vs  MTB
S.T.O.R.M  vs  Chazz Princeton

Replays and replays list soonTM.

Balanced Hackmons Redefined Money Tour - Round 3

Nihilslave  vs  Tea Guzzler [G1 G2 G3]
Sak  vs  Hiusi guy [G1 G2 G3]
Caionamax  vs  Chessking345 [G1 G2 G3]
Sylvi  vs  augustakira [ACT]
MysticalDragon  vs  Dragonillis [ACT]
choicebadkyurem  vs  LTG [GIVE WIN]
Concept Everything  vs  Natcrozma [GIVE WIN]
Turtlek  vs  yokoisop [ACT]
Chazz Princeton  vs  Knight who says "Ni" [G1 G2]
Zane(Bifloofendoofen)  vs  Kaif [G1] [GIVE WIN]
Poliwag_PM  vs  Awsoke [G1 G2 G3]
pannu  vs  AmericanPi [G1 G2 G3]
halaman95  vs  Codename C.A.T [GIVE WIN]
sapaditore  vs  Ivar57 [G1 G2 G3]
Cyril tbh  vs  Despacito87 [G1] [GIVE WIN]
31DEATH03 vs Bye 1

Deadline for this round is Sunday, September 24th, 11:59 PM GMT-4
Reminder to SAVE your replays
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